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Support Team

Eitan Israelov

IT Director

Sinead Kearney

Tools Programmer

Jamie Smith

Props Master

Ryan Kearns

Design Director — Brand

Monika Qually

Marketing Manager

Going beyond, every single day.



Graham Qually

President and CEO

Vandy Sok

Studio Team Capture Lead

David Raposo

Animation Supervisor

Maeve Russell

Production Manager


Ryan Barabasa

Shoot Master

Rommel Cruz


Carlos Rodriguez

Audio Technician

Ali Heraize

Camera Technician

Russell Ma

Mocap Technician

Matt Latrup

Assistant Director

Kenzo Babin

Props Builder

Post-production (Body)

Julian Martinez

Mocap Technician

Angelo Nunez

Motion Capture Editor

Ashleigh Ayers

Motion Capture Editor

Joshua Brown

Motion Capture Editor

Savian Sills

Motion Capture Editor

Guillermo Aguero Vivas

Motion Capture Editor

Audrey Ayoub

Motion Capture Editor

Andrea Garcia

Motion Capture Editor

Claudia Luna

Motion Capture Editor

Kendall Maloles

Motion Capture Editor

Andreas Ferrat

Motion Capture Editor

Post-production (Facial)

Jessica Gonzales

Faceware Artist

Albert Poblete

Faceware Artist

Morgan Gonzales

Faceware Artist

Nicole Wheatly

Faceware Artist


Jenny Zinger

Senior Production Coordinator

Mitchell Roberts

Associate Producer

Andrew Lepage

Production Coordinator

Got what it takes?

Beyond is professional but we still know how to keep it fun. We are the definition of “do what you love and it won't feel like work.”  Our team is passionate about what they do and always looking to learn and grow. Everyone on the team is an integral part of the company and we are always open to new ideas and concepts, it’s how we can keep going Beyond.

If you've got what it takes, let us know. Get in touch →

Beyond Capture Inc.

Performance capture that goes Beyond all expectations.

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