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An elite, all-inclusive performance capture studio delivering at the highest caliber.

Kraven the Hunter



Marvel Studios

Casting, Motion Capture, Stunt Work, Post Processing (Body)



Video Game

Skydance Interactive

Casting, Motion Capture, Post-processing (Body)

Mortal Kombat 1


Video Game

Waterproof Studios

Virtual Camera, Post Processing (Body)

Redemption Reapers


Video Game


Casting, Performance Capture, Audio Recording, Post Processing (Body), Post Processing (Face)

Hogwarts Legacy


Video Game

Warner Bros. Games

Casting, Performance Capture, Motion Capture, Post Processing (Body), Stunt Work

Resident Evil 4 Remake


Video Game

Capcom Japan

Casting, Performance Capture, Motion Capture, Post Processing (Body)

Tales From The Borderlands 2


Video Game


Casting, Motion Capture, Performance Capture, Wire Work, Audio Recording, Remote Shoot, Head Scan, Post Processing (Body), Post Processing (Face), Virtual Camera

Star Wars Squadrons


Video Game

EA • Motive Studios

Casting, Performance Capture, Motion Capture, Post Processing (Face), Post Processing (Body)

Seeing is believing.

Just a few of our recent projects.

Proprietary assets, data guaranteed.

Our proprietary sources make every project unique to our client and sets us above the rest.

Industry leaders that went Beyond.

Partnering together with industry leaders to produce extraordinary work.

Challenge accepted.

Bring us your vision and we will put it in motion.

We ❤️ Indie Projects

Smaller productions deserve great motion capture too. Tell us about your project and we’ll work on a solution that meets your needs.

Industry verified.

We've worked with the industry leaders to bring their visions to life.

Get in touch with us.

Have a project in mind? Curious about our facilities? Want to join our team?

Why not reach out and let us know what you're up to and how we can help you or your project go beyond.

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