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Best-in-class services
every step of the way.

From start to finish, we give our partners complete access to a full suite of premium services.


Custom Prop Studio

From AR-15s to zebras, and everything in between; rest assured, each location boasts a comprehensively stocked prop workshop dedicated to bespoke set and prop constructions.

Photo of a Prop Studio.

Travel Planning

Our team is responsible for managing all aspects of accommodations, transportation, flights, meals, and events for your team and talent.

Arial view of False Creek in Vancouver Featuring TELUS World of Science


We provide in-house casting agents proficient in both local and international casting, ensuring the selection of the ideal candidate for your role.

Group of people in Motion Capture Suits

Facial Capture

Leveraging FaceWare's Mark IV HMC system, our captures are conducted at 720p/60fps, with subsequent animation processing accomplished seamlessly through the FaceWare Suite at a consistent 60fps.

Image of a person in a head mounted camera during a performance capture shoot

Motion Capture

Surpassing height expectations, our purpose-built soundproof stages are generously sized to accommodate extended run cycles, motion fields and facilitate seamless execution of large, complex one-shot takes.

Over the shoulder view of people on a Motion Capture Stage during a shoot

Performance Capture

Experience 1-to-1 capture with our state-of-the-art soundproof stage, cutting-edge facial, body, and finger capture technologies—all meticulously time code synced and presented in real-time remotely or in person.

Two people peforming during a Motion Capture shoot

4D Scanning

Our esteemed industry partner, Pixel Light Effects, excels with a state-of-the-art facial scanning system that seamlessly integrates 3D and 4D captures, complemented by comprehensive full-body scanning capabilities for unparalleled precision.

4D Scanning Unit

Head Scanning

Elevate your scans to with a comprehensive scanning, incorporating the versatility of Unreal's Meta humans or one your own custom rigs. We will collaborate with you to meticulously craft your ideal rig.

Split of a wireframe and textured head showing layers of a head scan

RealTime Visualization

We deliver real-time feedback through various software interfaces, offering actors and directors a comprehensive preview of how their captured data will seamlessly translate when applied to their 3D characters, props, and sets.

Split screen of different angles and views depicting a real-time Motion Capture preview

Stunt/Wire Work

Every studio is outfitted with load-bearing stunt beams, ensuring a safe and exhilarating environment for stunt and wire work.

Two people performing stunts during a Motion Capture shoot

Mobile Studio

From movie and TV sets to ice rinks, stables, and racetracks—wherever you need us, our team goes with you to address all your requirements.

Beyond Capture Studios President Graham Qually in Motion Capture Hockey Gear duing a remote motion capture shoot

Virtual Production

With expertise in pre-visualization, camera tracking, and seamless Unreal integration, rest assured, we have all your virtual production needs comprehensively covered.

Someone on set during a Virtual Production

Capture & Production

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Beyond’s proprietary solving pipeline maximizes fidelity while reducing turnaround time on data. Our data is adaptable to most marker sets, files, and pipelines.


Custom tiers of solutions allow you to select the price, speed, and accuracy that best align with your project's requirements.

Screenshot demonstrating a bronze tier of facial solving from a Motion Capture Shoot

Solving (body)

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Mountain scape

Audio Recording

Our custom recording booths enable two actors to interact, facilitating simultaneous recording of clean and accurate tracks with separate, pristine, time code-synced outputs.

Actor reading lines in a state-of-the-art dual audio recording booth at Beyond Capture Studios
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